Hanoi - Lan Ha Bay - 1 Day Tour - Promotion

Destination: Hanoi - Hai Phong Highway - Lan Ha Bay Tour - Hanoi

Duration: 1 Day

Price: $95.00 $75.00

The tour summary

Lan Ha Bay Tour - 1 Day (Luxury): This is a top value for Lan Ha Bay Tour Full Day, Lan Ha Bay Tour - 1 Day (Luxury) is organized with a new day boat and supper small luxury Limousine transport with only 8-seater (massage seats using free on this Luxury Limousine) and professional english speaking tour guide that make this tour very comfortable and relax. You are easy travel in 1 day tour, you are getting a top value service in this tour that you have never find in other company in Vietnam. Only 75 USD/ 1 Pax (Instead of 95 USD) - all included as: Supper Luxury 8 Seater Limosine Transport + Visiting Tickets + Lunch + Day Boat Cruise + Kayaking + English Tour Guide...